G spot Iceland was founded in 2019. It evolved naturally from a passion to travel and explore. We came to Iceland in 2016 and immediately fell for it. After multiple trips we’ve organized for our friends we noticed there is a niche for affordable, adventurous excursions to places off the beaten path.

At G Spot Iceland we believe that small groups of max 6 people per guide, comfortable drive and friendly atmosphere can change even the worst Icelandic stormy day in to an amazing experience. Our tours are always educational and adventurous. Furthermore we've tailored them all to a different fit levels so everyone can find something for themselves. 

We specialise in 3 fields of operations. These are : cave explorations, hikes and fishing tours. Nevertheless our wide offer includes full range of tours like for example well known Icelandic golden circle, south coast or northern lights hunting.

So.. if you want to spend a day hiking among volcanoes, exploring colourful lava tunnels to finally take a relaxing bath at wild geothermal spring ? Buckle up ! G spot Iceland will introduce you to Icelandic wonderland, and show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.




Premmi “ The Pike” Wlosek

My name is Premmi,... Premmi "The Pike” and for more than 20 years I am involved In different kinds of outdoor activities. Geology engineer, adventurer, explorer, dream chaser which loves to travel and meet people. Experienced couch surfing and Airbnb host. Always looking for opportunity to jump Into the wild. Fly fishing, hiking, caving I love all activities which can bring me closer to nature and to this feeling of …freedom?

Until four years ago two greatest passions of my life were mountains and fishing, they both basically ruled my life for more than 25 years, since I was 7. In 2015, I’ve started adventure with the land of “Ice and Fire” and from inside of a volcano another passion emerged - lava caves.

Currently we live in times when there is only few unexplored parts of the planet left, to find such a place you have to search further, higher, or deeper than others. You never know where lava tunnel may lead you, what you can find, are you the first to leave footprint here. Curiosity, spiced with fear and excitement, exploring tunnels under volcanoes created by powerful, dynamic forces of nature can make you feel like a Indiana Jones.

In 2018, I decided to share my passion with others. I’ve acquired license from Icelandic tourist board and since then I became a guide and together with JJ we started work on G Spot Iceland project.


Damian “JJ” Wojciechowski

Iceland was always a magnet to me, so when I was offered a job in Iceland I knew the time has come..

Despite the fact that I'm an IT technician I have worked for a few years in hospitality business managing hotels and cooking as a chef in places around Ireland and England. I’ve got a lot of experience back there dealing with many nationalities including the most demanding customers. Altogether with Iceland I’ve visited nearly 40 countries.

Before I came to Iceland I used to play a lot in urban exploring but since there is very little spots to explore on the island I turned my interest into caves which you can find plenty in here. So far I visited approximately 150 of them and counting. Each of my trip usually ends up with plenty of photos of which some you can see on my website www.wojciechowski.eu