About US

Our Mission

G spot Iceland was founded in year 2018. It evolved naturally form it company’s founders passion for travel and exploration. Working at theirs previous jobs founders simply didn't had enough time to do what they love- explore land of “Ice and Fire” 🙂 During multiple trips organized for theirs friends founders noticed there is a niche for affordable, adventurous and “awesome” excursions, to places off the mainstream crowded routes. In G Spot we believe that small group, cozy and friendly atmosphere can change even worst Icelandic rainy day in to amazing adventure. Tours are designed to be more active, adventurous and educational. Groups max 5 people per car on mix trips to less known places where you can truly experience what wild Iceland really means as well as to spots and venues of everyday life for local inhabitants. We specialize in lava tubes caving, but in our offer you can find a wide range of tours from classical Icelandic golden circle or south coast tours to fishing, northern lights hunting and personalized tours. Would you like to spend a day hiking among volcanoes, exploring colorful lava tunnels to finally take a relaxing bath in geothermal water? If yes, I have great news for you: You’ve found legendary Icelandic G spot, you’ve found G Spot Iceland !!!

Our Team

Premmi “ The Pike” Wlosek

My name is Premmi,... Premmi” The Pike” and for more than 20 years I am involved In different kinds of outdoor activities. Geology engineer, adventurer, explorer, dream chaser which loves to travel and meet people. Experienced couch surfing and Airbnb host. Always looking for opportunity to jump Into the wild. Fly fishing, hiking, caving I love all activities which can bring me closer to nature and to this feeling of …freedom? Until four years back two greatest passions of my life were mountains and fishing, they both basically ruled my life since I was 7, more than 25 years. In 2015, I’ve started adventure with the land of “Ice and Fire” and from inside of volcano another passion emerged - lava caves. We live in times when there is only few unexplored parts of the planet left, to find such a place you have to search further, higher, or deeper than others. You never know where lava tunnel may lead you, what you can find, are you the first to leave footprint here. Curiosity, spiced with fear and excitement, exploring tunnels under volcanoes created by powerful, dynamic forces of nature can make you feel like a real Indiana Jones. In 2018, I decided to share my passion with others. I’ve acquired license from Icelandic tourist board and since then I became a guide and together with JJ we started work on G Spot Iceland project.

Damian “ JJ” Wojciechowski

G Spot Iceland main photographer and pedophile. BUHAHHAH :)))


Excellent guide. Day was well planned and we saw different places where we wouldn't have otherwise been able to go. Cave voisit excellent. Highly recommended!! Date of experience: June 2019 Thank Risto K
Risto K